Green Lodging

Eco-Friendly Hotel in Cooperstown, New York

When you stay at our eco-friendly hotel in New York, you help support our green initiatives! The Inn at Cooperstown is a proud member of the Otsego County Land Trust Green Lodging Program. With every reservation, our guests directly support protecting the things that make the Otsego and Upper Susquehanna River region so special – our healthy and beautiful lands, our clean waters, and our abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. We are delighted to be leading the way in assuring that our region is always a place people want to come and enjoy.

What We Do to Be Green

Energy efficiency:

  • Onsite Tesla Charging Station
  • Energy-efficient lighting, such as compact fluorescent lights (CFL).
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems: electrical equipment with energy-saving features, such as Energy Star.
  • Energy-saving thermostats

Water conservation:

  • Towel and linen reuse program optional for multiple night guests.
  • Water-efficient faucets, toilets, and showers

Waste reduction:

  • Recycles all aluminum, glass, plastic, mixed paper, cardboard, and newspaper.
  • Donates used towels, linens, and bedding to local charity thrift shops and the local animal shelter.
  • Use of electronic communications for guest correspondence, confirmations, detailed invoices, etc.
  • Used paper near the printer to use for drafts, scratch paper, or internal memos.
  • Donates excess food, soap, and toiletries
  • Safely handles hazardous substances
  • Safely disposes of electronics, batteries, and lightbulbs
  • No Styrofoam food containers and no single-use plastic straws

Sustainable sourcing:

  • Responsible purchasing policy
  • Locally sourced food and beverages

On the horizon at The Inn is the investigation of solar panels for alternative energy.

Book now and help us continue our mission to be green.

How the Program Works

The program works as follows: A $2 donation is automatically added to each reservation and is contributed directly to the Otsego Land Trust to support its conservation mission and ensure that all the special places, scenic beauty, and outdoor recreational opportunities that bring tourists to Cooperstown and the Upper Susquehanna River region are protected now and every time they visit in the future. Guests may opt out, but the program’s successful launch shows that very few have.

The Otsego Land Trust works in partnership with landowners and communities to protect healthy lands, clean waters, and quality of life in the Upper Susquehanna River region. The Land Trust focuses on supporting locally sustainable economies.

For more information on the Green Lodging Partnership Program, please call the Otsego Land Trust at 607-547-2366 or email