The Secret Formula Behind Our Amazing Getaway Packages


A recent opportunity to respond to a casting call for a reality television show focusing on boutique hotels, inns, and b&bs caused us to pause and take stock of why coming to The Inn at Cooperstown would be an amazing experience. With almost 11 years of ownership under our belts we sometimes take for granted the “amazing experiences” that we offer for guests of the inn. During the first few years of ownership we were looking for creative ways to inject our personalities into the inn as well as grow the off season business. The “aha” moment came from brainstorming about multi-day experiences for our guests that could not be obtained by simply booking a room and buying a ticket to an attraction. We wanted our guests to have something that we enjoy when we go on vacation – a truly memorable experience by participating in over the top activities not typically available to the general public. The natural place to start was with the Baseball Hall of Fame and the result is our Ultimate Baseball Hall of Fame Getaway. Guests of this experience spend time in small groups, after-hours, with the staff and curators at the museum. They have access to areas of the museum like the archives which are off limits to visitors with a standard ticket and they get cool, personalized take away items in addition to the memories they’ve made. There is even a special, annual version of this experience, Evening with the Babe, that includes an evening with Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti.

The next unique experience package was born out of our love for fine craft beer and great food or as Marc jokingly tells guests he was trying to find a way to get more visitors to the inn, and free beer. The wildly popular Bed and Brew package with Brewery Ommegang is offered one weekend a month from October to May. Guests enjoy “Craft Beer Night” at the inn on Friday evening and then on Saturday evening the brewery welcomes them for a private tour, tasting and gourmet beer and food pairing dinner.

Our passion for bicycling led to the Big Ring Bicycle Clubhouse. We gutted and tricked out a heated workshop to create something most cyclists only dream about – a cool spot to store and work on their bike and just plain relax after a ride. We cater to cycling guests in every way possible. They have access to the clubhouse, as well as everything from cue sheets for rides, to fully supported group rides, to before/after beverages in the fully stocked clubhouse refrigerator.

One good thing leads to another! Other experience packages include Cooperstown’s Excellent Bat Making with the Cooperstown Bat Company; Snommegang Winter Beer Festival; Home Brew Beer Camp with Council Rock Brewery; Antique Tin Ornament Making with Zinn Brilliant; and our latest package, Lodging and Libations with the Cooperstown Distillery. And it won’t stop there. While anyone can offer a “wine and chocolate covered strawberries” lodging package only the truly innovative can offer a guest an experience that creates lifetime memories.

Will The Inn at Cooperstown be featured in that reality show? Hard to say at this point. Will The Inn at Cooperstown offer experience packages that are the stuff memories are made of? Always!

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The Inn at Cooperstown is a historic landmark centrally located in Cooperstown, NY