The History of Baseball in Cooperstown

Teams compete in an afternoon baseball game.

Cooperstown is less than two months away from hosting the 2022 Induction Ceremony at The National Baseball Hall of Fame. Each year, a summer weekend is dedicated to celebrating the induction of esteemed legends into the Hall of Fame. For 80 years, the center has carried this tradition and preserved the history of America’s Pastime in Cooperstown. The town has its own history, but its origins with baseball make it richer!

How The Hall of Fame was Founded

Within the picturesque town of Cooperstown, Major General Abner Doubleday reportedly invented baseball in 1839. For years, there was no answer as to how baseball was formed until the Spalding Commission’s research concluded Doubleday created the game. It has been debated if Doubleday was the true inventor and if Cooperstown was the real home of the game, but the legacy continued to keep the village town its birthplace, and discovered artifacts gave it more proof. Nearly 100 years later, The National Baseball Hall of Fame was established to celebrate and preserve the sport’s history. Iconic players such as Babe Ruth were the first to be inducted, and the Hall of Fame was then opened to the public for visit. Thousands of baseball fans gathered to celebrate the first Hall of Fame induction, and the tradition has continued through today.

The Continuing Legacy

Continuing their efforts to preserve and educate, The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum still provides thousands of visitors with an interesting and unique experience of learning about the sport each year. The museum is home to preserved relics, baseball uniforms from years past, and 250,000 photographs depicting the game’s ongoing evolution. The grounds of the area are also just as memorable to explore compared to the historic hall, especially taking a stroll through Cooperstown. The Hall of Fame has remained on Main Street surrounded by the small-town charm of the nearby shops, and the historic Inn at Cooperstown.

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