The Most Haunted Places in Cooperstown

Cooperstown has seen its fair share of inhabitants through the years. It’s no wonder that some of them have yet to leave. The upstate town is known for being a hot spot for paranormal activity. During your visit explore these haunted places in Cooperstown if you dare.

Hyde Hall

The former residences of Cooperstown’s founding family are full of over 200 years of history and just as much ghostly activity. There have been many documented ghost run-ins through the years. One such spirit is that of the wife of George Clarke. After Clarke passed away, his son inherited the mansion and threw his mother out. Afterward, she vowed that she would haunt the house in her death. She reportedly kept her word, and since her death, she’s been letting visitors know that she is still keeping watch over her home. Sightings of a woman in white appearing in the nursery, as well as a piano-playing itself in the parlor, are common.

The Otesaga Hotel

One of Cooperstown’s most historic buildings, the Otesaga is known for its paranormal history as much as its grandeur. Guests and employees have reported dozens of strange unexplainable happenings while at the hotel. The third floor is a particularly well-known location to encounter ghostly beings. You can hear the giggles of young girls echoing throughout the halls, more than likely from the hotel’s past as a girl’s school. In other cases, employees have heard feet shuffling throughout the halls headed to the front desk. If your room is on the fifth floor, you’ll likely be sharing your accommodations with a ghostly guest or two. Don’t be surprised if your chair isn’t in the same place you left it.

The Farmer’s Museum

Walk the shadowy grounds of the Farmers Museum during the annual Things That Go Bump In The Night Ghost Tour. Museum guides recount the mysteries and ghostly spirits that have lingered in the historic village. Hear the tale of a young ghost seen in Bump Tavern. You can still hear the strike of the anvil in the early morning at the old blacksmith’s building.

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