Pail Shop Vineyards

Winery near Cooperstown, NY

Before baseball put Cooperstown on the map, the area was home to farmers and craftsmen living off the land’s rocky soil and surviving the cold winters. Early growth in the area grew from the innovation of water-powered mills that lined the creeks and streams. There was soon a need for wooden pails to operate the mills. Thus, the name “Pail Shop Winery” was later born.

The Pail Shop Winery brings with it the spirit of the past and yields exceptional, imaginative, and discernible New York Wines. Sample cool crisp white wines to full-bodied red wines, all with a flavorful aroma that captures the essence of Cooperstown.

Visitors can enjoy a sampling of several different wines and take a stroll through the vineyard, which offers breathtaking views of Cooperstown and its rolling bluffs. Mix art with wine and get the chance to meet local artists with their Art at the Vineyard series or test your painting skills with their Painting at Pail Shop classes.

Be sure to check their website for current tasting hours, as times do vary throughout the seasons.