5 Reasons Why We Love Cooperstown, NY

In the spirit of travel, consider a vacation to one of America’s best small towns, Cooperstown, NY. There are many reasons to love Cooperstown, NY that we know will keep you inspired and coming back for years. Whether you are looking for a vacation for the whole family or a couple’s retreat, Cooperstown is the perfect getaway. Discover our reasons we love Cooperstown, NY, and why you will too!

Beautiful views

One thing is for sure, there are incredible views to be enjoyed in Cooperstown. Located on the southern end of Otsego Lake, Cooperstown provides beautiful lakefront views that are enjoyable at any time of year.

Visit Glimmerglass State Park for limitless beauty that will take your breath away. Overlooking Otsego Lake, Glimmerglass State Park is filled with rolling, partially wooded landscape, historic landmarks, and a beautiful sandy beach for those warm summer days. From warm summer days at the lake and fall colors in autumn to a frosty wonderland in the winter, Glimmerglass State Park offers beautiful views year-round.

For the love of the game

The biggest reason people love Cooperstown, NY is its historic ties with the game of baseball. Said to be the birthplace of baseball, Cooperstown is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Double Day field, and several other notable landmarks that pay tribute to America’s favorite pastime.

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Cooperstown Main Street

A stroll down Main Street is one of the many reasons we love Cooperstown, NY. Its authentic village and non-corporate vibe create the truest sense of what it means to be small-town America at its most beautiful. With its charming storefronts, brick-ladened buildings, local restaurants, and unique boutiques, there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Rich history

Cooperstown is rife with history, which is part of what adds to its charm and character. From popular landmarks like Hyde Hall, The Farmer’s Museum, and Double Day Field to lesser-known structures like the Hyde Hall covered bridge– the oldest wooden covered bridge in the United States – that resides in Glimmerglass State Park or the Kingfisher Tower at Otsego Lake.

Stay at The Inn at Cooperstown

One of the many reasons to love Cooperstown, NY is its historic and charming accommodations, like The Inn at Cooperstown. Designated as a historic landmark, The Inn at Cooperstown is a beautiful example of Second Empire architecture with distinct and charming features, inside and out.

image of Inn at cooperstown
The Inn at Cooperstown.

Each room is uniquely decorated with its own individual personality and charm, but each offering the modern amenities you would expect on your travels. Guests enjoy a daily breakfast in our dining and parlor space, and plenty of room to stretch their legs on the front porch with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Discover the best of why we love Cooperstown, NY, and book your stay with us today!