How to See the Kingfisher Tower in Cooperstown

There are so many unique things to see in Cooperstown, NY. One of which is the Kingfisher Tower. The mini-castle towers over the eastern shore of Otsego Lake and is one of the town’s most notable landmarks. Discover how you can see the Kingfisher Tower in Cooperstown with our guide below.

About the Kingfisher Tower

The Kingfisher Tower in Cooperstown is a 60-foot-tall mini castle built in 1876 by a man named Edward Clark. It was part of the Gothic Revival movement and was built to beautify Otsego Lake. Clark was the founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company and used his fortune to build this mini-castle to help provide jobs during an economic downturn in addition to enhancing the landscape.

The structure is made of stone and in the beginning, came with a draw bridge and portcullis. Though this feature does not remain today, the tower still stands and is one of the more notable landmarks in Glimmerglass State Park. Its small base measures only 20 square feet, with a towering pyramid-shaped roof, plus windows adorned with stained glass and a armorial shield at its core. Because of its unique features, it’s one of the most photographed landmarks in Cooperstown.

Getting to the castle

The tower is located at Point Judith, on the east side of Otsego Lake. It can only be reached by boat, as it is tucked away in the forest with a perimeter fence. It technically is located on private property of the descendants of the Singer Sewing Machine Company and Edward Clark. While you cannot access the inside of the castle, you can view it up close by way of boat or by land at Lakefront Park (located at the southernmost tip of the lake).

Hop aboard The Glimmerglass Queen’s (seasonal) boat tours. Take a tour of Otsego Lake and see Kingfisher Tower from the water. Enjoy a one-hour narrated trip around the lake while sipping on your favorite beverage from the bar. Tickets go on sale for each cruise 15 minutes prior to departure, so reservations are not necessary for normal tour times.

Lakefront Park is located on the southern shores of Otsego Lake and just a few minutes from The Inn at Cooperstown. Enjoy a relaxing stroll amongst lush greenery while taking in beautiful scenes of the lake and tower. It’s the perfect spot to easily enjoy some peace and quiet.

Stay at The Inn at Cooperstown

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